What is the Best Way to Cook Sausages?

To start the ball rolling, a question that came up down at the Red Bull the other night.

What is the Best Way to Cook Sausages? sausages.jpg There was a heated debate, and no agreement between the clientele - even though one of them was a Butcher!!

I can settle that argument now for ever…..

Lets consider the three most popular options:

1/. Fry them
No No No! It is not healthy, the sausages often split and the cooking time is often too short. Forget this option, it is perhaps the worse of all the options.

2/. Grill them
Better than frying them, clearly it is healthier - but it still suffers from the short cooking time problem. Get it wrong and the outside is overcooked and the inside undercooked.

3/. Oven Cook Them
The winner :)
Your oven may vary, so do test them as you go along, but what usually works well is around 35mins at gas mark 7. They come out perfectly cooked, lower in fat, and they never burst.

Let me know how you get on when you try it.