What is so Good About Halogen Bulbs?

We are constantly being bombarded with advice to stop using normal bulbs and switch to halogen ones - but we are not usually given the background information as to why.

So, I was glad to receive an e-mail from DaveyP asking me to explain more detail.

What are they?
Put to use as an alternative to the regular bulb, halogen bulbs are a distinctive type of light bulb which will generate light by employing halogen gas which enables the bulb to produce an increased amount of light plus an extended life span from the light bulb as well.

How do they work?
All of this can be done thanks partly to a chemical process that gives a continuing way to obtain a brighter light yield and also managing to keep the light bulb permanently clean. The light bulb is constructed out of a strong translucent glass generally known as quartz, and is tougher, and thus permits the pressure of the gas to get higher, consequently lowering the degeneration of the filament. Consequently now you can see precisely how these elements used in combination is actually allows halogen bulbs to work with an increased light voltage.

Where to use them?
There are several various places and conditions at which halogen bulbs can be utilized. Handled very much the same just like a normal light bulb will be treated, the halogen bulb might be put into use throughout industrial and also residential places. As part of the limitless uses of the halogen bulb the most widespread ways in which it is actually utilised would be the following: work lights, motor vehicle headlights, spotlights and floodlights, under cabinet lighting, and many more. Even though there are a lot of positive aspects in the applications of the halogen bulb, a single basic bad thing is all the generated heating which is discharged because of all the high voltage output. Therefore, safety precautions call for halogen bulbs often be protected by a grille or a grid.