My friends tell me I know everything… I think they are just making fun of me, and implying that I am a bit of an obnoxious know-it-all - but then, you see, that is just even more proof that I probably DO know everything.

“STFU”, they say, “if you want to show off, go get a blog” …so I did.

I plan on using it to put right a few misconceptions and answer questions that you may want to throw at me.. but first a few ground rules….

1/. If you ask about politics or religion I WILL make fun of you - so only do so if you have a thick skin.
2/. Unless your questions and comments are either ‘intelligent’ or ‘amusingly stupid’, I will probably just delete them.
3/. My blog, My bat, My ball - freedom of speech to me means ‘get your own damned blog’,

OK - off we go then…